Coupon System

Activate customers and increase sales with your restaurant’s new coupon system

Using coupons wisely can get you new guests and more repeat visits, thus substantially increase your revenue. Coming up with creative coupon deals is the hard part, but showcasing them on your new MyRestaurantTheme powered website will be easy.

With the built in Coupons management system developed specifically for restaurants, you’ll be able to:

  • Create new coupons in just a few clicks, adding a title, description, and the fine print of course.
  • Set the expiry of each coupon, at which time they will automatically be taken off of your site.
  • Alternatively, you can set the coupon’s expiration date to auto-renew 1 week at a time, which gives the coupon an “urgent feel”. This is  great marketing strategy to get your guests to take action.

Social coupons? What’s that?

MyRestaurantTheme embraces social media, and takes it to new levels.

Your visitors will have the ability to actually share individual coupons on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus. Sharing single coupons will create more exposure for the given coupon, and if the deal is great, you are sure to get more guests through the social sharing of your coupons.


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