About us

MyRestaurantTheme was created by Evolve Digital Creations, an online creative agency established in 2004. Our team is made up of experts in web design, programming and marketing.

Our goal with MyRestaurantTheme is to provide a means for small-mid sized restaurant owners to have a modern, attractive, feature packed website, that is easy to administer by the restaurant owner, reduce web related expenses, and alleviate the need to commission a programmer.

Restaurants, as all other for-profit organizations, must watch their expenditure in these troubled economic times. The option to have a website programmed for thousands of dollars, and to have a programmer perform updates for hundreds per month, is no longer acceptable to most businesses.

With MyRestaurantTheme, any restaurant can have a superb, professional website, that will most likely be better than most uniquely programmed websites, for a fraction of the cost. There are no ongoing website administration costs either, since MyRestaurantTheme makes updating the website easy.

Have a look at all of the features of MyRestaurantTheme, and please contact us with any questions you may have.

The Evolve Digital Creations Team