Thanks again, your service & customer support are top notch. I’m glad I finally decided to ditch our restaurant’s old website, this new one is one of the best investments I’ve had in years!

Eddy – Austin, Texas, USA

… The thing I really love about the new site (other than the design) is the home delivery section, I started accepting orders instantly, and it’s been a real positive experience for our customers as well. The fact that they can now pay for delivery on the site, and the moment they order, instead of paying the delivery boy, really makes is convenient, as they’ve told me. I would say about a third to a half of all home delivery orders use the pay by card option, the rest still pay my delivery guy. …

Maricruz - Hallandale, Florida, USA

As always, thanks for your support and perfect customer service Greg.

Emil - Szolnok, Hungary

Hey Guys,

I don’t usually write such letters, but I’m just so excited, I wanted to let you know what our experience has been like.

We run a family restaurant serving Italian dishes, and our old website was way overdue for remodeling. I found MyRestauranttheme.com after googling around, and decided to make the switch. Oh man, am I glad I did!!

ALL of our regulars who order out have complemented the new look of our site, and I can see in our statistics program that we’re actually getting visitors from Facebook, something we’ve never had before. I guess it’s the Facebook share button all over the site. I know for a fact that our online coupon got shared and we had a walk-in through that last night, since they told me when I was seating them. And we are still in the second week of switching to the new site! :)

I’m really enthusiastic, and the feedback has been really great, I want to thank you again for providing such a valuable service at such a great price.

Thanks and god bless,

Leonard – Jersey City, NY, USA

… The online ordering part of our new site is great, it works perfectly, I can’t believe I was paying another company $49 per month for the same thing. Interestingly, we’ve been getting more online orders as well ever since, I think it’s because the whole ordering process and payment takes place right on our site, and not on theirs. I’m sooo glad I was recommended MyRestaurantTheme, the savings will really add up, and we’ve had a 31% month-to-month increase in online orders in our first month using our new site. …

 Kathy – North Hollywood, California, USA

Dear Greg!

I want to let you know that everything work OK, and everyone loves our new internet website. It is beautiful!


Jürgen – Frankfurt, Germany