Below you’ll find answers to some common questions. If you have any further inquiries, please contact us.

Wordpress is timing out when I try to upload the MyRestaurantTheme zip file. What's up with that?

Some shared hosting accounts are set to very low PHP memory and time-out limits. The MyRestaurantTheme zip file is approximately 9MB in size, which takes around a minute to upload (depending on your bandwidth of course).

If the PHP time-out limit of your hosting package is set to time-out too early, for example after 10 seconds, you will get a time-out error when trying to upload the theme file through your WordPress dashboard’s theme installation page.

There are 2 solutions to this problem:

  1. Unzip the theme files, and upload them directly to the WordPress themes directory on your server. After this, you should see the MyRestaurantTheme in your WordPress dashboard, and can activate it.
  2. Contact your hosting provider, tell them the problem of low PHP time-out limit, and ask them to increase it.

Thumbnails are not appearing on my site, how can I fix it?

We use Timthumb to generate thumbnails. If they aren’t appearing for you, you may need to set proper server permissions on your server.

To do this, please change the folder permission to 777 on the following folder with an FTP program or cPanels file manager: wp-content/themes/myrestaurant/cache

Also, here is some reading on configuring for Timthumb: http://support.hostgator.com/articles/specialized-help/technical/timthumb-basics

Also, please note that if you are using Direct (IP) URLs, so your DNS is not pointing to your hosting provider, the thumbnails will not generate.

How do I update MyRestaurantTheme when a new release comes out?

  1. If you modified any of the theme files, back up your modifications.
  2. Log in to your server’s file system via the cPanel file manager or an FTP program.
  3. Delete the old “myrestaurant” directory from your WordPress installation (usually located at: /public_html/YOURDOMAINNAMEGOESHERE.COM/wp-content/themes/)
  4. Upload the new version of the theme. Make sure you leave the file and directory structure unchanged, otherwise the theme will not function correctly.
If you appear to have lost CSS after updating, don’t worry. Just go to any of the MyRestaurant settings in the Admin panel, and press save with the set settings. This will rebuild your CSS.

I get WordPress memory errors randomly, how can I fix it?

MyRestaurantTheme is not your typical WP theme, rather a complex website system designed for restaurants. The barrage of features and options means that MyRestaurantTheme will use more memory than a standard WP installation, so you will have to set your PHP memory limits higher.

Our test servers run at 96MB memory, so this should be enough for you as well. You’ll need to set this in 2 places, if you are not comfortable with modifying such settings, contact your hosting provider, and they will do it for you. Here are the 2 files:

    1. php.ini file – located on your server in any of the following locations: /etc/php.ini, /etc/php/php.ini, /etc/php5/php.ini
    2. wp-config.php file – located in your WP home directory. Open it and insert the following: define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ’128M’);

We’ve optimized MyRestaurantTheme to use as little memory as possible. On our test servers, it usually consumes between s0-35 MB of memory. If you continue to have memory allocation problems, chances are that they may be caused by other plugins, or WP core. If you have access to your site’s PHP error log, please take a look at it to find the culprit, or ask your server administrator to send you a copy.