Update Released: MyRestaurantTheme v2.5

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Update Released: MyRestaurantTheme v2.5

We are happy to announce the release of the newest update to MyRestaurantTheme. Version 2.5 brings about several bug fixes, as well as many new features.

This is a pretty big release, with lots of fixes and features, meaning that a lot of the underlying theme files have been modified. If you choose to update by any method other than overwriting all theme files, please make sure you include all modified files.

As always, you’ll find the list of changed files in the changelog.txt file, as well as in your members area.

New features:

  • Open/close text modification on homepage menu
  • Reservation to admin is sent from customer’s email, so they just need to hit reply
  • Added option to customize text of the Read More button on slides
  • Added special tax rate option for individual food items
  • Added Gluten Free to food types
  • Added option to turn on/off prices of upsell area and related items area
  • Added option to enable/disable mobile version for tablets and smartphones separately
  • If food items do not have images displayed, prices are aligned horizontally on the right
  • Added option to make menucard pages 1,2,3 column globally

Bug fixes: 

  • Under Webshop Settings, renamed Email Settings to Messages Settings to reflect users can change email and store page texts and messages
  • Modified Event List Widget to display time in am/pm format
  • Fixed navigation menu sliding under footer if too long
  • Shopping cart rewrite rules update
  • Fixed saving of order note on admin view single order page
  • If item is not deliverable, it will still be displayed on it’s category’s menucard page
  • Fixed Google Maps shortcode enable popup toggle
  • Import translation files earlier in code
  • Fixed _x() to __() in some translated strings
  • Removed customer information on order tracking page
  • Added nofollow on order tracking page list
  • Fixed number of widget areas in Appearance->Widgets based on how many footer columns user specifies in MyRestaurant Settings->Footer Settings
  • Error messages do not hide on store pages, so users have enough time to read them
  • Customized food type names appear on food aggregation admin page

If you would like to update your installation, please follow the instructions as outlined in our FAQ.

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