Versatile Menu Cards

Your Menu cards are made even more delicious with the design of your site’s beautiful online Menu cards.

MyRestaurantTheme packs a robust Menu card management system, which will make managing your foods, drinks and Menu cards easy and hassle free.

Have a look at how simple it is to create food items, categorize them and create Menu cards:

Step 1: Create a new Food/Drink item, upload an image, add a description.

Step 2: Group your Food/Drink items into categories (eg.: soups, entrees, wines, etc.)

Step 3: Sort and order your Food/Drink categories into a Menu card.

It’s that easy.

Menu card functionality features

Beside making the process of creating Menu cards as simple as possible, we’ve added numerous functionality features to help you increase sales and just make your menu cards more user friendly.

  • Unlimited number of Food items
  • Unlimited variations for each Food item
  • Unlimited Food categories and Menu cards
  • “Related foods” widget on every individual Food item page (generated automatically from the same Food category)
  • “Download Menu card” link optional
  • Integrated with your restaurant’s online ordering system, so you don’t need to reupload your Food items
  • Enable/disable comments on individual Food item pages

Menu card design features

Beside having a great looking online Menu card, you’ll have the option of fine-tuning every design and layout element of your Menu cards and food items, to help you achieve the exact look you’re seeking.

  • Customizable layout for both individual items and Menu cards
  • Customizable colors and images
  • 9 food quality thumbnails built in (eg.: spicy, vegan, organic, sea food, etc.)


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