Image Gallery

Create and showcase stunning image galleries of your
restaurant, your live events, or anything else…

Having a bunch of pictures taken is nice, but being able to showcase them in a modern, elegant way on your website is even better.

MyRestaurantTheme’s built in Image gallery system will help you create themed image galleries on any topic you wish. “Why do I need this” you might ask?

“A picture speaks a thousand words”

Nothing tells a story like a set of pictures, also known as an image gallery. Here are a couple of examples of how our clients have effectively used the Image gallery system built into MyRestaurantTheme to add that extra WOW factor to their website and promotions:

  • Show pictures of their restaurant on their “About us” page. This is a must have for all restaurants/bars.
  • Create image galleries of Karaoke nights, where “singers” can see themselves the next day, and most likely share the page on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Create a dedicated page and image gallery for the bi-weekly Jazz night, where the dark, smokey Jazz concert images really set the atmosphere.
  • A cocktail bar held a cocktail mixing competition among it’s guests, which was prime material for images, which eventually got shared all across the internet by the participants of the contest.

Using images creatively on your restaurant’s website can give your visitors a better idea of what they can expect during a real live visit, and offer something more tangible in the otherwise intangible world of the Internet. This can make the difference between a person remaining a website visitor, or becoming an actual restaurant guest.

Creating image galleries is very simple in MyRestaurantTheme. As soon as you upload your photos through your website’s administration panel to an image gallery you create, you’ll be able to include the given image gallery on any page of your site.

The images appear in attractive “light boxes”, which are nice overlays that appear on top of your website when a picture is clicked.


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