Event Calendar

Get more visitors to your live concerts and other events by showcasing them on your website!

Holding live events is a great way to make your restaurant more unique, and differentiate yourself from other establishments. Your MyRestaurantTheme powered website has the ability to showcase all of your events through a dedicated Events management system made specifically for restaurants/bars.

Creating an event page on your website is easy and quick, you’ll simply need to set it’s title, date and time, and optional admission fee. You can also upload images, add a photo gallery (great for recurring events, such as karaoke nights), and write a description about your event.

Letting people know about your events

Once you create an event, MyRestaurantTheme gives you several ways to let people know about it.

  • A unique event page is created, which people can visit and share on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus
  • An events list page is created, which shows all of your future and past events
  • Event calendar widget is part of the numerous unique widgets included in MyRestaurantTheme. Enable it by adding it to your sidebar or footer, and you’ll see a live calendar, listing your events.


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